How to use sk8r roblox exploit?

 First you need to join a ROBLOX game.

When you are in a game, make sure the game is fully loaded, you open sk8r, it will automatically download the newest version of clubdark.dll so that it matches ROBLOX newest updates, and you press the inject button in Sk8r, and choose between Sk8r Bytecode or Sk8r Original.

If you want to know the differences or download sk8r please visit the download page on Sk8r Monaco Installer Download - Club Dark Roblox Exploits and read the information below.

Once you pressed inject a notification should pops up saying cd bytecode injected that means you injected the byte code, if it says Club Dark Injected it means you injected sk8r original, if you do not see the pop up, please again visit the download page and read the information below, or you may visit our troubleshooting blog Sk8r TroubleShooting (

You will be also be prompted to get a key for sk8r, you must then complete all the tasks in linkvertise, by clicking free access and do all the tasks as requested. This supports the development of sk8r so that we earn extra revenue for your enjoyment of using free sk8r, you can also buy it in this page so that no ads will be prompted to you, Sk8r No Ad Life Time - Club Dark Roblox Exploits.

Once you are done you are ready to execute, just put any script in the scriptbox, and press execute. If the script does not work or you crashed make sure you selected the correct version sk8r original or sk8r bytecode, if it still does not work on both version, you should use other script, some scripts allow that you must use the loadstring in order to make the script work. 

You may click the open/save button so you could access sk8r's scripts folder and open/save scripts there for your convenient, you may need to reopen sk8r to make open/save work.

You may also go to the local player tap (bytecode is recommended for this), and use any quick scripts in there, or you may keep finding scripts in this blog, the scripts are confirmed to be working before posting in this blog.

When you are finished, please click the kill rblx button near the inject button so that you can make sure sk8r is detached from roblox and will not cause any troubles.


  1. bro when they send me link of string idk what is it i gets me to a page with script written how do i make it in like lines this is example:

  2. it was working today not its not

  3. how do i inject clubdark.dll thing

  4. everytime i execute it says inject clubdark.dll before using this.

    1. and everytime i inject it tells me "An unexpected error has occured and Roblox needs to quit. We're sorry!" help please

  5. lol it says first inject dll

  6. Please read info at if you need help.


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